Dustin Long

Hacker, Artist, Punmaker, Fun-loving Robot

Games Released

filthy kitchen screenshot

Filthy Kitchen

The kitchen is filthy, clean it up! Swat flies, score combos, find the broom! An action-platformer created for Nesdev's 2016 homebrew competition. Itch.io

the wit.nes screenshot

The Wit.nes

An NES demake of Thekla Inc's "The Witness". Explore a mysterious island and solve puzzles. Itch.io

star versus logo

Star Versus

A homebrew NES game, available only on physical cartridge. A hybrid shooter / fighter, you'll need to outthink and outmaneuver your oppponent. Official site


lotus screenshot


Exploring an alternative text input interface using LotusText. ROM

calculator screenshot

Minimalistic Calculator

A minimalistic calculator ROM that adds numbers. Used to demonstrate the CL unit testing framework. ROM

lwlvl screenshot

Low-level Festival 2014 ROM Flyer

A demo ROM that bounces the Low-level logo, generates a random starfield, and thanks each of the performers. Music by Animal Style. ROM

yule log screenshot

Yule Log

A yule log with color-cycling, flittering sparks, and white noise. Keep on during the holiday season. ROM

pumpkin screenshot

Happy Halloween

A simple ROM of a pumpkin with color-cycling eyes. To be played during a halloween party. ROM



A tool for generating NES graphics from pixel art images.
Homepage, Github, Blog post

High Scores

Ghosts N' Goblins'

Ghosts n' Goblins


Score set in December 2016 at Galloping Ghosts Arcade in Illinois.